Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hot, dope sick love 

Spring is in the air, and as everyone knows this is the time of year a young junkie's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of feeding a black tar heroin habit, finding a non-collapsed vein, and LOVE! Here is a picture of two of our friendly neighborhood junkies going at it on this lovely spring day. I apologize for the quality but I walked past them about 10 times trying to get a good shot without being too obvious about what I was doing, not that they would have noticed over their frenzied groping and moaning. I guess I need to work on my stalkerazzi skills. I also regret not being able to include the old homeless men waving and basking their stumps in the warm spring air right next to them – the sight of which is a known aphrodisiac. At least it is for me!

Wow. Just wow.
thank you
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