Saturday, October 18, 2008

At Long Last! 

I apologize for the long hiatus but something about pregnancy and the post partum period made me too mentally thick to blog. I felt like the guy in Flowers for Algernon after the experimental procedure wears off and his IQ plummets from genius levels to his original IQ score of 68. Since I was hardly at genius levels to begin with, I basically went from functional to persistent vegetative state. I didn’t get any reading done either. I pretty much kissed books good-bye one after I realized I had spent 5 minutes puzzling over a People magazine article like it was Advanced Genomics.

But the little darling is so worth it!

I have been bleeding my colleagues for tales of all the happenings while I was gone. My first time at the desk a tweaker lady approached the desk in a palsied gate and asked where the lost and found was. I told her security handles lost and found and directed her to the office. She drew back and looked at me with narrowed, suspicious eyes, like I was sending her into a trap.

“What are they going to do in there, tie me up, handcuff me and fuck me?”

It’s good to be back.

i do enjoy your link to the tweaker lady. browsing through the slide show of photos, it was hard to tell, for some, which was before or after (if i were that ugly i may "dabble" myself). glad you are having some positive experiences at work. hope to avoid the psych ward----amanda!!!
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