Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abation, LOL!!! 

The New York Times recently reported that IM chat slang is creeping into school reports, driving teachers crazy. It also seems to be making its way just as inappropriately into pregnancy scare letters. Look at this gem that E found in a newly returned book, a note in which some young lady contemplates the future direction of her relationship after a potential pregnancy crisis.

dear Simon,

Since our scare, ive been thinking. We are seriously not ready for stuff like this. We too young and financially, emotionally not ready. I mean what if I was, what then? You get? I don’t know. Would you want me to have had the abation? This scare has really got me thinking about the Future. Just makes me really think. I just feel scared and insecure about the future.

I just don’t know. The last scare really really scared me. I’m still really really scared. I was actually really considering it, thinking about it. What if I was. idk. I feel kinda confused. So sorry. I think I confused you too. Boo! THE END I think! LOL!!!!

Simon's 'boo' is kissing cousins to Amber Richardson, my favorite Onion columnist.


You betta nominate yourself for the 100 most beautiful librarians competition I'm running on my blog!

The details are all there.

Will someone pass me a usable dictionary please?

Why am I reminded of A Clockwork Orange??
dear foxylibrarian, where have you gone? i love your blog, you are a great observer of people, like a rather witty anthropologist! hope you return soon!
Thought you might appreicate this one best of luck with your creative project.


I hope you are amused and take care.

Dave Hull
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