Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This fills me with dread 

Here is a photograph that really showcases the infamous Key head. Doesn't it make you wince? I imagine my poor, dear great-grandmother is gazing down upon her baby (either my grandmother or great-aunt) in disbelief that she survived childbirth. Such an immense, disproportionate head doesn’t even seem evolutionarily possible.
Has it really been over a month since I posted last? This pregnancy has made me completely good for nothing. At least the constant, gnawing queasiness has ceased. It's hard to believe that not too long ago a woman's entire adult life was a continuous cycle of birthing, nursing and child rearing. You see how many might find death a welcome relief.

Waaaaaaaiiit a MINute, Foxy Dear! I chose to spend my adult married life caught up in that breeding cycle, with a very supportive mate keeping me in bonbons and trips. There was a way to do it swimmingly, and the result has not been so bad. And big heads? Big heads? I myself am possessed of a noggin bigger than the West Side. How else to house this prodigious brain? Now that I'm in my dotage, I can look around at my progeny and what they've become (most of them...) with true satisfaction. You will find the same is true of your Little Someone. It really is one of life's cosmic miracles to watch your little humanoid turn into a self-directing adult. Also nice when they come crawling back decades later asking for forgiveness for their rottener phases. Life can be truly sweet...

BTW, that is actually quite a lovely picture of your grandmother. Lovely, really. I imagine her looking down at you with your little someone tucked under her arm, ready for the celestial handoff.
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