Thursday, March 13, 2008


During my last hour on the desk some workmen were jackhammering stonework that had become a tripping hazard not 20 feet away. The noise was deafening and made meaningful reference work or even conversation impossible. As frustrating and nerve rattling as the conditions were, I was reminded of my all time favorite Snopes entry.

Fun fact: More than a quarter of pregnant West Virginians smoke! You stay classy, West Virginia.

Supposedly babies in utero will begin to squirm and kick when mothers even THINK about lighting up.

The older editions of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" actually encouraged smoking mothers to keep smoking on the grounds that the nicotine withdrawal would harm the unborn fetus.
I have seen this picture before and LOVE it. People are crazy!
What to expect when you're expecting is an evil, patronising and completely stupid book.

Don't worry about the big head. Just make sure you are upright for the birth - it increases the size of your pelvic outlet by around 30%
smoking is hot.

especially when it looks classy like the pic you posted.

i hope you are doing well. several of my dearest friends are expecting in the next few months!

its baby time!

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