Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kicking it at the BK Lounge 

Last Sunday E was at the sketchiest Burger King in the city, which, naturally, is located right across the street from the library. A seedy looking man leaned in the door and called to his lady, who was standing next to the food pickup station, clutching a grimy receipt.

“Oh, honey,” he said in the stilted, carefully enunciated words of a bad liar, "We're going to be late for…church, so you better just get a refund for our meal. We cannot wait any longer.”

She shuffled over to the cash register and asked for a refund.

The manager gave her the once over. “Ma'am, this food was purchased for you two, not by you two. I will only give a cash refund to the person who bought the food for you.”

Obviously some misguided Samaritan had bought them a meal in lieu of a cash handout, which of course they had absolutely no interest in, since you can’t trade street drugs for a flame broiled Whopper. After a lot of righteous indignation, she gave up and skulked out. She and her life partner then walked off down the street, bickering, I'm sure, over which one had failed in his oer her part of their sad little grift. Sebastian and Michelle ride again!

This city spends a staggering 80K on services per homeless person. They are not going hungry, believe me, despite the gauntlet of increasingly aggressive cant one has to face coming to and fro the library. Sorry that I sound so jaded, but cash handouts do nothing but fuel addiction and support an underground economy of drugs that is ruinous to the quality of life for all involved. One of my fedup colleagues will scream at people, primarily tourists, that she sees handing out money to panhandlers around the library, “Enablers! Quit ruining my city!”

Great to have you posting again. I was missing it terribly!
Doesn't surprise me a tiny bit, although at least it made for an entertaining story!
I am curious as to what their claim was with thfood that would have warranted the refund had they purchased their own food. I pretty much take fast food as a non-refunadable purchase.
Seriously, do you think they're going to give up drugs if people stop giving them change??

I always figure if I give them a couple of dollars, I might be stopping them from breaking into someone's house and stealing their TV.
Well, Rebekka, if they do that at least there is a chance that they will get caught and sent to jail where they may (or may not) get the opportunity to get clean. I think Foxy's point is that the status quo is making life unbearable for the non Junkies.
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