Friday, March 21, 2008

Billy hatches on egg 

Or puts the unborn in its place. Although this cannot be comfortable for Billy, and it certainly is not for me, my ever expanding abdomen has become his new favorite perch. I suspect he senses that there's a rival in there who must be told his place in the pack. Or perhaps he is trying to help me incubate it in his own special way.

According to the Dog Wheeesperer, some of the ways dogs exert dominance are to sit upon, lean against or place a body part upon whomever/whatever they're trying dominate. Because Billy is the most nervous and insecure alpha ever, he cannot be direct about it and has to stealth dominate. Whenever we have guests over Billy will sidle up next to the "intruder," curl up, feign sleep, stretch and then subtly but deliberately place a paw on them. In his little dog mind, hiearchy has been established. and he is now the boss of them.

This does not bode well.

Look how gorgeous you are!
I like how you protect Billy's anonimity by cropping his face out of the photo. Hate for some crazy Jack Russell stalker to make his life more of a hell than it is.
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