Friday, February 01, 2008

Hell Labs: Ironic Punishments Division 

I do apologize for dropping off the face of the earth, but I've just feeling too sick to write. For the past few months I have been whipsawing between nausea and voracity. The cruelest part of the whole situation is that it's like being carsick, in that reading makes it so much worse, which is a special kind of hell for a librarian. This stage should have ended weeks ago, and I do feel a slight lifting.

I try to eat my way out of nausea, and when I do it affords me a small window of relief before the queasiness settles back in. And when I eat it's not pretty, it's in a gulping, gasping, urgent manner that reminds me of the mess hall scene in Alien. John Hurt seemingly recovered, ravenous and strangely jovial for someone who had recently had a pulsing leathery horseshoe crab like alien affixed to his face, joins the crew for a meal in the mess hall. He repeatedly declares how hungry he is and attacks the food. Before he can greedily down more than a few bites, he begins to cough and convulse until the alien bursts from his chest in a spectacular plume of gore.

I read that the director, Ridley Scott, decided to do a little method experiment and not let the rest of the cast in on what was going to take place in the scene, so their ghastly reactions of shock and horror were completely genuine. Come to think of it, this whole scene is more of an apt metaphor for pregnancy than I would care to dwell on right now.

Back to hosting my own little adorable parasite...

Just get well, we'll be here... My library sounds like a TB ward lately so I know just what you mean.
The nausea doesn't go away. It didn't for me. I had nausea and vomiting for 9 months straight. Then an extremely painful labor. And then, pooff... all the pain go bye bye as soon as that hairy little head pops out.
Glad to have you back! Sorry you feel so yucky.

Congratulations on the alien inhabitation! (It's worth it!)
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