Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Daily Coyote 

I so hope that this is not going to end in "The Yearling" style heartbreak, but I'm adoring the photos for now:


A cousin was telling me how when he lived in Jackson Hole he saw a coyote slink up in broad daylight and snatch and carry off a 15 pound pug that had been sunning itself on his neighbor's porch. And not to be its bride, I'm afraid - no trace of the pug was every found. His neighbors had just moved from New York City and found out the hard way that a pug, defenseless in every way, is not the best choice of pet in Wyoming.

Well, apparently Pugs are a good choice in Juneau:

Oops, the above link should actually be:
I prefer the daily peyote.
I"ve heard that this even happens in Nashville, TN. -They have quite the coyote population near their large metro park. Sad day for pet owners!
where art though ol' foxy?

WDL misses you.

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