Friday, November 02, 2007

From The Onion 

In The Know: Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough?

Panelists discuss ways to care for the nation's paranoid schizophrenics, such as hiding cameras in their homes or audio transmitters in their ears.

"We have to give them practical advice, too, like tell them which bus drivers hate them, which manholes are covering up underground government prisons, which statues don't love them anymore..."

I saw this and thought of you. http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/632813,110207mcdonalds.article
I loved this Onion article. I agree that schizophrenics need to be indulged with the truths they see that many of us were too dim to perceive. Wasn't it schizophreics who first said ousting Sadaam Hussein was just a plot to bomb Iran in the end? We shoulda listened to those paranoid rantings. Wait... we have been listening to the paranoid rantings of Bush and Cheney.
Having worked with the mentally ill only made this ten times more funny.
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