Saturday, August 11, 2007

We need a jar of RU-486 at the desk 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNot because I have eugenics fantasies, but because clinical trials "the abortion pill" show promise that it dramatically relieves psychotic episodes. Many people suffering from the worst kind of psychotic delusions have haywire high levels of cortisol, and it appears that RU-486 blocks brain cortisol receptors.

In any case, there would be a lot less of these reference emails that fill my inbox:

HELP ME. I am dying & the charge is murder ONE.
I am at the present am in serious/critical condition due to all-night and/or morning attacks of roach pesticides. Last night I had conscious attrophy and I have shortness of breath. I moved in the ghetto neighborhood known for its' drugs and prostitution. I acquired congestive heart failure shortly after moving in and have been under attack, all along. They have submitted edited video and audio of me reacting to extreme harrassment and to my own personal views on issues of concern. My past has been distorted and I have been kicked out of many places, bogusly. My life was ruined by former enemies, who have followed me here and smeared and slandered me. The Irish yellow bastards are behind what is and has been going on using other creatures who accept blood money.

One of my colleagues told me that she now assumes every patron is mentally ill unless proven otherwise.

A collegue called me out to the reference desk to deliver a basic email instruction handout I had created. The man began to ask me about email and then went into a long story about how he sent an email to the president of Costa Rica outlining his plan for peace, and how the president then appropriated his plan and used it to broker a peace between the United States and Nicaragua and is taking all the credit. Although his delusion seemed harmless, he kept looming over me as he backed me into a corner. He was built like a longshoreman and was beginning to get worked up, so I finally said, "I must go now" and ran like a rabbit for the security of the staff only area.

are you required to refer these messages to anyone by law, or is it pretty much understood that this level of battyness warrants a quick Delete?
Don't worry, they'll put it in the water soon.

Have I told you about the lice in my hair that talk to me and tell me to...
I miss your posts Foxy. I'm sorry for the circumstances that have not allowed you to post lately. Looking forward to your return.

"One of my colleagues told me that she now assumes every patron is mentally ill unless proven otherwise."
- I do >:)
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