Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sugar, the White Devil 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I became disgusted by all the sweets I had mindlessly been eating over the holiday so I quit eating sugar as a New Year’s resolution. Since then the weight has been melting off my body at an outstanding rate. I never really had a sweet tooth and consequently didn’t even eat that much sugar, but obviously the amount I did consume was doing one hell of a whammy on my metabolism. I’m not saying this approach will work for everyone, but it truly amazes me that something so simple as eliminating sugar could be the key to such a transformation. My recent loss has not pleased everyone, especially certain African American colleagues and Italian patrons, who, true to cultural stereotype (God bless them), appreciate a voluptuous woman with a well marbled rump. The rowdy group of homeless who carouse by the backside of the library voice their dismay every time I walk past them, and inquire about my health with great concern, as if I have been afflicted with some sort of wasting disease.

Sugar, and its lab invented twin high fructose corn syrup, really is the devil and its affects are insidious and disturbing. A few years ago I watched a reality show called Brat Camp. The premise was that parents, at their wits ends, have professionals kick in the doors of incorrigible delinquents in the middle of the night, place a bag over their heads and drop them in the Oregon desert in the middle of winter. Groovy counselors, some graduates of the program themselves, give the teens a totemic name like "Running Bear" and then force march them around the desert until they acquire a new attitude. It was terrifying how medicated these children were on drugs from Big Pharma: Ritalin, Seroquel (what my bipolar patrons take, or rather, are supposed to take), Ambien, but what really stood out was these children's diet, which was total crap. Some of the teens had been consuming a mind blowing 10 cokes a day. Since food is the biggest drug you put in your mouth, I had to think that perhaps their diet was the core issue of their behavior. For breakfast the counselors fed the 'brats' plain oatmeal and they retched and gagged like it was the most bitter poison. Their palates had obviously been so blasted by high fructose corn syrup that it was if anything not completely sugar saturated was repulsive to them.

The link among farm subsidies, high fructose corn syrup and a fat ass populace:

You are what you grow and When a crop becomes king.

Thank you, thank you for the article links. I always wondered why that demonic corn syrup ingredient was in practically everything you can buy. I passed on the articles to some like-minded friends. You have my gratitude and admiration.
D from Austin
After recovering from a severe gastro illness about 13 years ago (giardiasis = beaver fever) I had all kinds of lingering symptoms. I was tested for food intolerances of various kinds and learned that I had become frustose intolerant. What can I eat that is commercially made? Almost nothing. High frustose corn syrup is in almost everything, even bread (which doesn't really need sugar if allowed a longer time to rise), and the syrup used to make Chai teas in commercial coffee shops.

That may change though, if the price of corn continues to rise as more of it is used to produce ethanol, biodegradable packaging materials, and other eco products. Then maybe cane sugar will become fashionable again but there will still be the problem of U.S. cane subsidies and quotas http://www.fff.org/freedom/0498d.asp.
Beaver Fever - that sounds like the name of an illness other than giardia. I'm sorry you were afflicted with giardia, but I have a special fascination with it because of my interest in parasites. I wrote a paper on giardia in college, in fact. I thought that it would have interfered more with what fats you could eat than sugars, but in any case, it would be better if we all eliminated these lab concocted sugars from our diets. Farm and water subsidies are nuts and result in retarded things, like growing rice and cotton in the desert.
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