Friday, June 01, 2007

Give me back my green thing 

One of Billy and Spoon's favorite pastimes is to torment each other in that special sibling way. They especially delight in lording over the fact that they have a toy the other one wants. We cannot figure out how a toy achieves most favored status, because a toy will be shunned for months and then become the one most sought after by both of them. It doesn't matter if the toy is it is a chicken flavored Nylabone or a filthy, soggy old piece of rope. When the possessor has the toy he/she will prance and chew and celebrate while the other one looks on and sighs in this heartbroken way. Sometimes one of the dogs will even stage a little tableau and feign sleep with the toy nearby, and when the other slinks up to snatch it away the sleeping dog will spring up and stand over the toy and growl smugly. Hours of amusement, I tell you.

Billy sometimes does not suffer Spoon’s gloating in silence, and demands intervention from us, even though we generally try to adhere to a prime directive policy. Here he is trying to force us into action by emitting these little yelps, painful and impossible to ignore because they are the same piercing frequency as a dying smoke alarm battery.

The toy featured in the video is a green Nylabone. I returned from vacation one time and this Nylabone was shoved way in the back of my underwear drawer. I was puzzled as to how it got in there until it dawned on me that the dog sitters must have mistaken it for some kind of sex toy and had shoved it into the farthest recesses of my underwear drawer. How anyone could mistake the Nylabone Hercules Dental Chew Wolf, nicknamed by us as 'the green thing,' for a sex toy is beyond my comprehension. Did they really believe that the plaque destroying bumps covering it were actually some sort of 'rough rider' feature? Eeeeew! In any case, I will spare us all the mortification by never, ever speaking of it to them.

Speaking of discretion with sex toys,
here's a fun weekend do-it-yourself project.

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