Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ugly Americans 

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Take a look at these fools. Dan and Eleanor just returned from a trip to Mexico City, and while there took a trip to see the pyramids, which is where they encountered this group having some moaning, ecstatic, utterly creepy New Age style spiritual orgy experience on top of the Pyramid of the Sun. Aren’t you embarrassed for them? Aren't you ashamed for America? Looking at this picture makes me want to rip their still beating hearts out of their chests and kick their bodies down the temple stairs! And then cook up their thighs in a pot with tomatoes and peppers for a nice big feast. Yum.

All praise Huitzilopochtli!

Although there is lively scholarly debate on the subject, it looks like, due to periodic crop failures and a paucity of game and domestic animals, cannibalism was the primary source of protein of the Aztec diet, and their whole cosmology of bloodthirsty gods was set up to justify this. Atkins proponents will be vindicated to know that sacrificial victims were caged and fattened up on a high carbohydrate maize diet prior to sacrifice.

Dan and Eleanor reported that Mexico City has undergone a miraculous transformation and a bodyguard and oxygen mask are no longer needed. Supposedly the mayor hired Giuliani as a consultant to enact a New York style cleanup. That's wonderful, because I recently watched Man on Fire, the jaw droppingly violent movie of kidnapping, torture and corruption in Mexico City that made the hellhole Bogata look like a walk in the park in comparison. The best part of the movie was in the credits, though, which has a bewildering note from the producers of the film:

And thank you to Mexico City, a very special place.

In the words of my hero Cartman, 'die, hippies, die!'
...I dunno.... I took one look at them and thought one word: "shrooms." -e
...I dunno... I took one look at them and thought one word: "shrooms."
Sounds like another good reason NOT to go to the pyramids (I live in this very special place). Though the Mexicans probably just laugh at them.
It wouldn't take much to get them to topple down the stairs, though --they are tremendously steep, and I've seen people crawling backwards down them reciting 'hail marys' at every step --I don't think that was devotion, judging from the panic on their faces.
OMG I know these people. I am not joking. They are nice, but just on a kind of old rich hippie spiritual seeking kind of trip. I guess we could argue that they ain't doin' anybody any harm.
I would argue that desecrating a tourist destination with so much ugliness is a way to hurt people.
...I dunno... I took one look at them and thought one word: "shrooms."

I thought of a distinctly different drug. ;)
who are those people standing over them? it looks like they're coaching. and that lady in the hat in the background? is she like a task master?
I'm with Brian: what are those people doing? The guy with the blue shirt looks like he's either holding a digital camera and snapping photos, or holding a piece of paper (a script, exhortations to cleanse oneself, some other nonsense?). Either way, his body language says total engagement in the spectacle before him.
He's wearing an iPod totally rocking out. My bro said that he was so out of control he was even annoying the other parts of the blob.
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