Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jewish God! Thank you, Tom Cruise! 

For Talladega Nights, the Legend of Ricky Bobby.

Fabulous things from the trailer:

Sasha Baron Cohen as the despicable, Perrier sponsored French challenger, taunting and talking smack from a carved tub while he shaves his legs, as if NASCAR is the Tour de France.

Ricky Bobby's two sons, Walker and Texas Ranger.

That he owns a cougar, the redneck riche pet of choice.

Why does Will Farrell insist on running around in his underwear in every single movie? OK. Not every one, but lots.

I love Sasha Baron Cohen
Took a while to load, but it was worth it.
I also love Sasha Cohen. I hope she wins the gold today. Hard to believe she is the genius behind all those cRazY characters!
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