Thursday, February 23, 2006

See you at the Library! 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere is a bench lined park that the dogs and I walk through each morning, and I usually recognize many of my patrons from the library stretched out on the benches. As I pass by and see them sleeping or drinking their breakfast 40s in brown bags, scrutinizing and patting their arms and legs in the search for a good vein, I say in my head, “See you in the library in a couple of hours!”

The other morning this hulking, bearded man arose from a bench, stretched and yelled, “Who’s the lucky lady who’s going to start my day off right with a blowjob?”

I myself wasn’t feeling particularly ‘lucky’ that morning, so I kept on walking.

After the park we pass by a sushi restaurant halfway up a very steep street. There we often encounter the Japanese owner, a woman in her forties, outside with her two Chihuahuas and toy poodle. The male Chihuahua, Yuki, is unneutered and extremely macho. When he sees our dogs approach he’ll run to the top of the hill and stand up on his hind legs and loom down at them, trying to create the optical illusion that he is a much bigger threat than he is. The Japanese owner is always dressing them as well as herself in Japanese street fashion and promenading through the park. They are a sublime sight.

One time when E was walking the dogs she stopped and talked to the woman, who was accompanied by another Japanese friend who had limited English. For some reason Billy suspected the friend had a cookie in her hand, and since his outrageous forwardness knows no bounds (I know, I know, my bad), he jumped up on her leg to try to get at her hand.

She pulled her hand back and said in a very sultry, admiring tone. “Ooooh, ag-gur-re-siv-uh.”

That is an awesome picture!
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