Sunday, February 19, 2006

Oh, shit. 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOne of my colleagues followed her nose to a pile of human feces in the stacks. She discretely ran to call the custodial staff and then looked frantically about for something to rope the section off. Although she was gone only a short time, when she returned some unobservant patron had already stepped in the mess and obliviously tracked it all around.

My colleague told me about the incident a few days ago, and since then the story has popped into my brain at the strangest and most inappropriate times, and my reaction will swing violently between extreme nausea and hysterical laughter. Bless that poor patrons heart - who would think the floors of the library would be as hazardous as the sidewalks of New York pre-pooper scooper laws?

Reminds me of my friend Kelly who was walking his dog in downtown Nashville when they came upon a prostitute defecating in a parking lot. Before he could stop him, his dog ran over to her, causing her to run. The dog then started eating the excrement, and Kelly had to scoop it out of the dogs mouth with his fingers.
Mmmmm - hooker poo. I thought a dog's sense of smell is supposed to be 1000s of times stronger than ours. And this is what they go for like it's the greatest delicacy in the world? Our dogs are constantly trying to pull something unspeakable off the sidewalk on our morning walks. But that's how I can tell the poo is human and not dog - because the dogs go for it.
I still laugh at your description of Stinky McRotRot!
How do you know that the patron actually crapped in the library? He or she may have actually brought the turd(s) and placed it on the floor in the stacks. while reading about the trial of the man who was sprinkling his feces on donuts, I was shocked to discover that he had brought his shit in baggies to the library and "deposited" the contents in strategic spots.
I know where you work, it is possible. . .
Dear Readers,
Here is a link to the story Ann referred to.
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