Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Tales from the Classroom 

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A mother and her twenty-something daughter came to class, the daughter ostensibly to help the mother. The daughter refused to touch the computer keyboard, claiming that it was 'impure,' and whispered directions to the mother throughout class. After a while the the two began to bicker over the way the mother was typing. This escalated to the mother jumping out of her chair shrieking, "I'm going to kill you! I'm really going to kill you this time!" Our elderly, gentlemanly African American volunteer ran up to separate them, pleading, "Now, ladies, please!"

A woman weaving and bobbing in her chair slurred, "I can't see my screen! It's double! There's two of everything. There's something wrong with the screen."

"The screen appears fine. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. The problem's with this screen!" The woman then pulled out a pill bottle with a little sleepy eye sticker and began dumping pills into her hand. She brought a couple of the pills to her mouth and dry swallowed them.

I had a man attend my class who was clearly making drug deals in the back row. Every two minutes his phone would ring and he would answer, "Yeah. How much you want? I got that. Hell, yeah, it's the chronic." I asked him if he minded putting his phone on vibrate and to step outside when taking calls.

And i thought I was a terrible student for sometimes forgetting to bring my homework!
WOW! I had all relatively normal people in my class. They all actually wanted to learn and went on about their merry ways of doing it. Unfortunately it makes for really boring blogging material.
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