Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Family Portraits 

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My great-grandmother was a Texas artist of some renown. Here are two of her pieces that I'm currently having reproduced through a magical process called giclee. Over the past few years the technique has improved and the cost has plummeted, so I highly recommend this process if your heirloom paintings are fewer in number than the heirs who pine for them. One is a self portrait of my great-grandmother she did during a particularly stressful time, shortly after her husband had a stroke. The other is of my grandmother (the one astride the alligator in my previous post) and her sister Nancy. Any of the family who would like a copy of these, please let me know.

Foxy: Thanks for providing the link to the giclee provider. I have one and had often thought of having some made of family portraits. Speaking of Texas artists, I have a nice Frank Klepper and several by his first art teacher, Ellen Kendrick - both of the Dallas area.
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