Monday, January 30, 2006

Keeps you on your Toes 

You think you're having a normal, pleasant, interesting conversation with a patron and without warning he'll turn on you and hiss, "Why did you suggest this book? Don't you see it has an odd number in the coding? What are you trying to do me?" Then as he's gathering his papers he'll shoot you a look of deep betrayal followed by a smug, "Nice try - I'm on to you" and storm off.

Soon I hope to reach a stage of imperturbability, like a priest or cop who has seen it all and cannot be shocked or surprised by anything anybody does or says. I imagine that it will be almost like a state of transcendence or grace. Or maybe I'm confusing that with severe burn-out.

I am never sure whether to laugh at the person or be truly horrified. I usually go with the laugh.
Watch out for those prime numbers in the coding. Those are the ones that are really out to get you.

Or maybe the perfect numbers.
and those that end in the square root of negative one... don't get me started.
Only one odd number? He should be so lucky! I'm still in library school, so I have only gotten a few of those sorts of patrons (although I do have some stories from summer reading last year), but here's to not being burnt out!
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