Saturday, December 03, 2005

Self Help 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhen asked why his favorite working girl Trixie did something odd, saloon owner and charactonymic Al Swearengen of the delightfully, shockingly profane Deadwood responds, "I would rather try to touch the moon than figure out the workings of the mind of a whore." That is how I'm beginning to feel about the reasons for the actions of some of my patrons, and why I've stopped trying to ponder why patrons do the things they do.

A bashful man approached the desk and softly asked where our self help books on tape were, specifically those on improving self esteem. I showed them where they were on the shelves. He chose one called Build your Self Esteem  and thanked me. A few minutes later he returned to the desk. His face was red and he said, “I think someone switched the tapes. I don’t think this tape belongs in the case.”
I said, “I’m so sorry! That’s happens sometimes – we put the wrong tape in accidentally or patrons switch tapes intentionally around to amuse themselves. I’m glad that you caught that.”
The tape that had been switched for Build your Self Esteem ? Creating & Nurturing your Lesbian Relationships. Now why would someone do that? Was it some sort of practical joke or weird sexual compulsion? OK - I admit it. That's a tiny bit funny. Anyway, I'm beginning to stop caring, although I wish they would stop it.

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