Saturday, October 01, 2005

Green and Yellow... 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI watched Prozac Nation last night and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but maybe that's just because I love cRaZy. Right after the psychiatrist finally prescribes Elizabeth Wurtzel Prozac, I'm sure in a desperate attempt to stop her patient's pointless, incessant whining, to get her just to shut the f up, there is a full screen shot of a spilled bottle of the pills. It's remarkable how dated the green and yellow pills look - the colors are so 80s! If anyone ever mixed up their pills and needed help identifying them, we came up with some handy mnemonics, like the kind you use to identify poisonous snakes and ivy.

Green and yellow,
Cheer a Fellow

Black and white
Up all night! (alternately, suppress your appetite!)

Round and white
Make your kid act right

White with a cute little v
Take too many and deaf you'll be

If the diamond is blue
Priapism for you


Foxy Librarian,
I know this is unrelated but I think an investigation is in order-- why does Gatesville prison in Texas have so many femme lesbian convicts posting ads on the above Gay Christian personals site?
Wow - I don't know if this is diabolically clever spam, but I investigated the site. I'm not sure what your definition of femme is, but Mary, Michelle, Lavontia and the self identified male George are about the farthest thing from 'femme' I can imagine. They must have some powerful jailhouse ministry in Gatesville prison.
there is a betty butterfield segment where she talks about "this one old gal, she went deaf from vicodin"..."she'd go into the pharmacy and yell 'where's my pills?" and the pharmacist would say "you don't have any perscriptions left"..."it was soo sad".

I laugh every time I watch that, and I have taken to saying "this one old gal".

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