Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sheriff Dayz 

The first day at my new office I arrived just as the investigators were adjourning their morning meeting. They were all sitting around the office, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and eating donuts. One of them waved me over and asked if I wanted to see his vacation pictures. I puzzled over the pictures, which were not of the beach or mountains but looked but of a living room in which a pot of spaghetti had exploded. It dawned on me that these were not vacation photos, but crime scene investigation photos of a brutal murder. A divorcing couple had been ill advisedly sharing the same roof while they squabbled over the property. The husband had tired of the negotiations and decided to wrap things up by blowing his wife’s head off execution style with a shotgun, which he tried to disguise as a robbery. The stack was picture after picture of her body and blood splatter. This was well before the internet, where grotesque snuff images are readily available on sites like Rotten.com, and I had never seen anything like this. I actually became light headed and had to sit down. After that little bit of hazing it didn’t take me long to become desensitized, and then fascinated by the pictures and the tragic stories behind them. Some memorable ones:

One Sunday I was driving somewhere and heard some breaking news about a grisly murder on the radio. My heart skipped a beat, and I realized that I couldn’t wait to go to work on Monday to see the pictures. It horrified me because it dawned on me right then that had become a depraved ghoul. It was time to find another line of work. The strong stomach and sense of black humor that I developed at the job, however, has served me well in the library.

hmmm... kind of makes me happy/sad that 'six feet under' is over...
i used to work at a plastic and reconstructive surgeon's office was marveled by all the photos. it's very addictive.
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