Saturday, September 03, 2005

How May We Serve You Better? 

Image hosted by Photobucket.com A sampling...

1) I have very bad allergies and when I sit in a seat occupied by numerous different individuals I tend to "itch." Most of the time I sit on a footstool. There are other adults as well as children like me. In Columbus, Ohio the library has seats WITHOUT BACKS for people who are allergic so they do not itch. These seats are short that both adults and children can use while they use the library facilities and IT WORKS. A few at this library would be great for people like us.

2) I am chemically sensitive and this makes it impossible for me to come to the library because of the chemical air deodorizers, disinfectants and cologne you pump through your vents. This is a doctor diagnosed MEDICAL CONDITION so quit trying to POISON me.

3) I spend a lot of times in the park and have noticed that since the city started spraying them there are no more mosquitoes and I no longer get bitten. When I come into the library and use the indoor water fountains swarms of mosquitoes come flying out of the spigot and bite me. Please spray and treat your water fountains for mosquitoes.

I haven't had anything like that in the suggestion box, but did have a woman regale me with tales of all of the allergies and ailments she has because of cleanser used in the school where she worked 20 years ago. But apparently our library air was "very clean" so she was happy with us.

I love the mosquito one! I'd say that person needs to switch to bottled water and some psych meds.
I'm allergic to hypochondriacs and suggestion boxes. Perhaps these people prefer B.O. and bad hair? Someone actually stole the can out of our men's room automatic deodorizer. I don't know if it was theft for personal use or an act of rebellion against scent.
This library is one of those militantly anti-scent/deodorizer facilities. Employees are not even supposed to wear perfume. I don't know what the patron thought he was smelling. There are plenty of odors in the library, but certainly none pumped through the ventilation by us,and none I would confuse with perfume.
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