Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hobby of Kings 

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA collector of and authority on stamps is a philatelist, not philatist, which sounds like something completely else, something that has nothing to do with the sedate and venerable hobby of stamp collecting, also known as "the hobby of kings."

If I had known this, I would never, ever have told the patron, an elderly gentleman wearing a musty old tweed jacket, "Stamp collecting and pricing guides are on the 2nd floor! That's where you'll find your fellow phil-LAY-tists," causing his beetly eyebrows to shoot up.

Those people do exist in the library, but on other floors, usually deep in the stacks.

My father, a stamp collector since his teens, picked up some slogan buttons at a stamp show many years ago. I treasure the one he gave me. It says: "What have you done philately?" Ya gotta love it. :)
Glue tastes horrible.

By the way, I had to send you this in case you hadn't seen it:
Stamp collecting = BORING
Malt liquor bottle collecting = AWESOME
As Tom Lehrer said,

"Who needs hobby like tennis or philately,
I've got a hobby re-reading Lady Chatterley
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