Thursday, January 13, 2005

Sweet Home Alabama 

I have returned safely from indolent climes, where I had the time of my life at the best destination wedding I have ever been to. A few uninvited monkeys even made an appearance to give their simian blessing - what more can you ask for? As usual, I was reckless about what I ate and drank and spent more than a few days a puling invalid, in a listless stupor with nothing on the television but footage of the tsunami disaster, which I have to say really became sickeningly pornographic as it lingered on the stricken survivors and photographs of the missing. My belly is gravid with what I hope is beer chub but I fear more likely worms, and if that is the case, judging by the havoc they have wreaked on my system, they are the size of the sandworms of Dune. More happier, less revolting tales soon.

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