Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Florida or Germany?

To enlighten herself further Eleanor downloaded a clip from Car Stuck Girls, and while she was studying it she noticed that the girl in white stiletto boots revving the seriously overstrained engine had a distinctly Euro accent (Oh, vat vill becomen of me?), not the Tennessee or Texas twang that you would have expected.
When she told me, it dawned on me that the purveyors of this site weren't rednecks that had somehow sexually imprinted on tractor pull type activity, but GERMANS! Of course! How could I have been so blind? Who else but Germans would be so weirdly depraved?

Even though the girls who star in the videos look homegrown and like they strutted right out of a ZZ Top video, I thought there was something suspiciously Teutonic about the site. I mean, why were these ladies running Audis and Volkswagons into the ground instead of Chevys or Fords?

Germans and rednecks do have a surprising amount in common, proven time and again by Loveline's Florida or Germany game, where callers call in to the show and read a bizarre news story that took place in either place. Adam Corolla and Dr. Drew have to guess the provenance of the story and they are often stumped.

This site has a brilliant cross cultural appeal because it combines the perversion of Germans with the redneck's love of cars and mud. I have a feeling that it does quite well.

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